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Thanks to WFP

यहाँले नेपाल छाड्ने कुरा गरेकोमा म धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु। ढिलै भएपनि यहाँले नेपाललाई आत्मनिर्भरता तर्फ धकेल्ने जमर्को गरिरहनुभएको छ। स्मरण रहोस्, नेपाललाई कृषियोग्य देश भनिन्छ। अब हिमाली क्षेत्रमा रहने नेपालीहरुले आफ्नो क्षेत्रमा फल्ने पारम्परिक धानहरु उब्जाउने छन्। अब फेरि जुम्लामा चिनो, मार्सी धानको उब्जाउ बढ्नेछ। यहांहरुले प्रदान गर्नुभएको सहज सेवाले हामीहरुले आफ्नो रैथाने धान उब्जाउन छोडिसकेका थियौं। अब फेरि यहाँहरुले गर्दा हामीले झन् पोषिलो धान उब्जाउन पाउने भएका छौं। यहाँहरुले गर्नुभएको सही निर्णयलाई हामी पछिसम्म सम्झेर कृतज्ञ रहिरहनेछौँ। आशा छ, यहाँले लिनु भएको निर्णय छिट्टै कार्यन्वयन गर्नुहुनेछ।

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Request for Aid deliverers

राहत, पुन: स्थापना तथा पुन : निर्माणमा लागिरहनुभएका साथीहरुलाई अनुरोध

– जुन ठाउं जादै हुनुहुन्छ पूर्ण जानकारी लिनुहोला। प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी, गा वि स सचिव तथा स्थानीय व्यक्तिबाट। ताकि कसलाई सबभन्दा आवश्यक छ , के लिएर जाने, त्यहाँको अवस्था कस्तो, अरु क – कसले के गरिरहेछन् भन्ने थाहा हुन्छ।

– गाउँलेलाई आत्मनिर्भर बनाउनु होला। हामी त्यो गाउँमा सधै हुन्नौ, त्यहीका बासिन्दाहरु हुन्छन्। आवश्यकता हेरेर उनीहरुलाई आफ्नो दैनिकीमा फर्किने क्षमता विकाससम्म सहयोग गर्नुहोला। माछा दिएर होइन, माछा मार्न सिकाउनुहोला (सीप दिनुहोला )। सधै दातामा भर पर्ने वातावारण सृजना नगराउनुहोला।

– गाउँलेको क्षमता तथा अनुभवको कदर गर्नुहोला। स्मरण रहोस् , उनीहरु त्यो गाउँमा बसेको धेरै पुस्ता भैसक्यो। आफ्नो गाउँ ठाउं कसरी बनाउने हामीभन्दा उनीहरु बढी जानकार हुन्छन्। हामीले दिने केवल वैज्ञानिक सल्लाह सुझाव मात्र हो।

हामी सबैको प्रयास नेपालीहरुलाई छिट्टै आफ्नो खुट्टामा उभ्याएर अझ व्यवस्थित तरिकाले अगाडि बढाउनु हो। यस्तो मौका हामीले हाम्रो कालमा फेरि पाउँदैनौं। विवेक प्रयोग गर्नुहोला। शुभकामना।

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A Short Story

A seagull was flying ove a beach, when it saw a mouse. It flew down and asked the mouse: “Where are your wings?”.

Each animal speaks its own language and so the mouse didn’t understand the question, but stared at the two strange, large things attached to the other creature’s body. ” It must have some illness,” thought the mouse.

The seagull noticed the mouse staring at its wings and thought: “Poor thing. It must have been attacked by monsters that left it deaf and took away its wings.”

Feeling sorry for the mouse, the seagull picked it up in its back and took it for a ride in the skies. “It’s probably homesick,” the seagull thought while they were flying. Then, very carefully, it deposited the mouse once more on the ground.

For some months afterwards, the mouse was sunk in gloom; it had known the heights and seen a vast and beautiful world. However, in time, it grew accustomed to being just a mouse again and came to believe that the miracle that had occurred in its life was nothing cut a dream.

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Blog Action Day 2009 : Climate Change in Nepal

Well, the topic of the century – Climate Change. Human race threatening climate change. There is a lot of talks on what the developed countries going to do when they meet in Copenhagen. Will they stand up to our expectations and vow to limit the CO2 level to 350 ppm? Surely, the change in climate has negative impacts on different aspects – lifestyle, vegetation, wildlife, and many more.

I am going to talk about the impacts on Nepal. Some of the effects are:

1) Change in flowering period – Rhododendron, national flower, normally blooms in mid-April but it is blooming around 15-25 days earlier.

2) Increase in flooding, landslides – This year also we had floods in the Western part damaging properties and displacing thousands of people. Many people lost their lives in flood and lanslides.

3) Increase in summer precipitation- The monsoon normally ends on Sept.23 but this year it extended till Oct. 10 and the volume of rain (mm/day) was greater than the previous years causing havoc in different parts of the Country.

4) Decrease in snow- The pride of Nepal-Himalayas- is losing their ornaments. The glaciers are retreating. We will not get to see the snow in mountains after around 70-80 years if present conditions prevail.

5) Effect in Tourism- Lot of tourists come Nepal just to be near the mountains and some of them scale them too. If there are not any snow, the number of tourists visiting Nepal will surely decline and also the bare mountains will be difficult to scale resulting in more casualties. Result, revenue will go down.

6) Decrease in drinking water- The water we get normally comes from the mountains. Global warming will cause the snow to melt faster, more faster each day, causing a short term increase in the water flow in the rivers. Then the amount will drastically decline when there will be no or very less snow left on the mountains causing water shortage, mostly in the KTM valley, which is facing water shortage now also.

7) Effect on biodiversity – As the temperature rises, the crop cultivated on a piece of land this year can not be cultivated in the same land after 3-5 years and should be done in higher/lower altitudes. Wildlife should also wander in search of new lands for grazing,drinking and other purposes.

8 )  Rise in mortalty rate- Climate change and rise in temperature will bring new disease unheard before. Many new environmental problems have arisen after the 80’s thus causing effect in the health of the people.

Well, there are many more effects and sure, these effects are going to scale upwards if we are not going to take action on these matters as soon as possible. They say, it’s better late than never.

At last, thanks goes to Blog Action Day for creating this initiative of bringing voices from the world together.

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Deep’s “Family-Friend” Visit

13 months ago or so, we had gathered together to wish Deep a wonderful journey ahead….let him achieve what he wanted……and now he is here for “Family-Friend” visit, so he says……..just in time…..only one of our group members is out of the nation……others still here…..mere luck….to find most of the friends….Deep le bhagya ma lekherai ayeko rahechha……after 13 months…the same Deep…..hairstyle same…..but with added exposure…..had just few days to plan a gathering….what to do…where to go….lots of confusion…finally settled to Tau Daha on Thursday….a place not too far..not too close…we 8 friends….aashish, anjan, anup. bikash, deep, me, kabin, siruja….on a journey….to celebrate with Deep…with each others….Tau Daha went boring….went Dakshinkali instead…..devi darshan….a couple ….playing taas….in between…..Anjan’s K in between 2 and Q…..had great fun together…..and Saturday… fun around Basantapur… soda….jhandai lageko….pepsi splash…..UWTC ko yatra…..had fun…and will surely have more fun….don know whether we all are going to meet… i mean all of us together….again….as Deep goes on 9th…and everybody preparing their own destiny…..hope….a mere hope…….the world is built on that….. that we will surely meet again…….for sure…..Long Live the Friendship.

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Manakamana Visit – Day 2

The second day. Got up, washed ourselves and went to the temple carrying offering materials. As we got there by 6, there was a short line. We offered our prayers and had some snaps. We went on a stroll and again got to listen the blabber of the hoteliers. After having lunch, we got by the cable car around 10. Again some hoos and haas, and we were down to the station. We then went to the river and had fun. Then at around 11, we boarded a micro bound towards KTM. And this completes our visit to Manakamana. We surely gonna have more fun later on.

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Manakamana Visit – Day 1

The much awaited day had finally arrived when we were going on an outing that too towards the auspicious Manakamana Temple. We were downlisted to only 5 participants as 2 others were busy in their personal lifes.

So we began our journey from Kalanki. We chose the last seat (who in the hell would choose the last when other seats laid open at your feets) to cram all of ourselves together. The journey was supported by the natural beauty we came across. But alas, we came to a halt around Naubise. There was a long jam; the reason being accident between two vehicles. Now we could not reach Kurintar as early as we had wanted. We could see people from different walks of life waiting, just waiting, for the jam to open and resume their journey. There also was a jam the previous day ( afno sathile bhaneko jasto girlfriend napayeko jhokma banda gareko re…….estai chha yahanko chalan). After around 1 hour it opened and we were on our way. We saw many different scenes including the French car that were there on a rally. We finally arrived the Cable Car Station at sround 12:15 only to find that the cable car remains closed from 12:00 to 13:30; 1 hour more to spend. And there were some photo shoots before we boarded the car after it resumed its services. As we only were there, obviously, there were lots of hoos and haas. We reached the upper station after around 10 minutes.

As we walked through the streets there were vendors trying to sell their goods to us, hoteliers attracting us to their hotels, people busy in their own way. We searched hotels and found one to spend the night so as to visit the temple in the early morning. We got freshened up in the room and as we had time to spend ( was about 3 pm) we went to wander. Never forget the chappal fight that ensued between Bikash and Anup. We then went to have lunch and stopped by a bamboo cottage. Uff, the food there. soury chowmein. pieces not grinded, of chicken in the momo. Then, Passing by the Manakamana temple we climbed the stairs. There was a board showing direction of Bakreswor temple and we took it as our destination for the day. We walked along the muddy paths chatting, stopping to take shoots. After some straight way, the flight of stairs started. We were accompanied by a couple…. The placed looked so calm and serene. We were ascending the heights. We stopped by a shop to eat Kakra. As we were beginning to climb again, there were two bulls coming down the other way. We all avoided their way. After some decent climbing we reached the temple of Bakreswor Mahadev. We offered our prayers and went to one of the Gufas situated some distance above. It was in a midst of jungle and was an Ashram. There was a statue of Lord Shiva (in the form of Guru Gorakhnath) with some Shaligrams in the cave. The dusk was approaching fast so we started descending. It was about 7:00 when we reached the hotel. Now for time pass, we bought a deck of cards and played bluffmaster. We enjoyed playing and had some chit-chats late in the night before we slept.

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34th Convocation Day

The day of getting “dikshit” finally arrived after 1.5 years. Most of my friends had already taken out their originals so we were only about 10-12 waiting to attend the ceremony. Well, convocation means wearing gown and scarf and receiving certificates with others. There were a whooping 4200 attendees from 2 grace lists selected for the ceremony. I just wanted to be unique among my friends so equipped with daura suruwal, went along with friends towards Kirtipur. It was a hot day and wearing black gown invited more heat. There were disturbances from the Maoists in the Convocation of Purwanchal University so there sure was to be in ours also. And it happened. But the precautionary measures helped to keep the ceremony hall quiet except for one instance when a gang of hooligans entered inside the hall and chanted slogans till they were thrashed away by the riot police. After some speeches, we went to receive originals. And there we got see one of the Kumbha Mela where you could easily loose your friend. Waited and Waited and finally got the certificate. And there were photo sessions both during the ceremony and after the ceremony. You can see the photos in my facebook profile.

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International Literacy Day

Well today was international literacy day…..and….there was an interview… interview of those entrance passers…who wanted to get admission at Khwopa…so unknowingly celebrated…one fact…craze of electronics seems to have dropped…only 28 had placed first priority in Elex n Comm…do u believe it…most of them civil…might be…they knew that there is not much scope of elex…or don know whatever may be the reason…anyway happy literacy day

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First Day at Khwopa

Well…well..first day as a teaching faculty….didn’t want to be late…started early…the usual local bus…didn’t wait for the college bus…as no knowledge of timing…two lovebirds in the back seat…. girl , a college goer…i guessed something…their chatters thru the journey….they got down at Barahi… guessed well….reached college to find out….there was a training program happening there…so classes postponed till next week…. sat in the inaugural ceremony…. some training program on bio-engineering hazards for landslide hazard mitigation….time to pass till2…what to do….chit chat with teachers at the department…..confusion on what subject to teach….finalized later… one week of loitering … then 2 weeks of classes … and Dashain….so pretty more experiences to come

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